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Memento Mori Istanbul

5.00-7.00pm 27 October 2010: Istanbul, Turkey : IDO car ferries

Exploring the private in the public during the hours of commute, as minds and bodies move between one and the other, held and taken, there and back by the ferry. ov

Memento Mori Istanbul was a conceptual live performance project led by Natalia Skobeeva, created as a collaboration with 7 students from Mimar Sinan University; young men and women who performed their own personal concepts during the commuting hours of 5pm to 7pm on 27 October 2010, on 7 car ferries of IDO crossing the Bosporus from Europe to Asia and back. The performances were documented by 7 Turkish filmmakers. Performances included the use of a black curtain, over ferry window, knitting, cleaning, sleeping, reading, the putting on and off of make-up and the washing of clothes.

Initiated, produced and developed by Openvizor as a non-commercial project in partnership with Mimar Sinan University as a collaboration with Natalia Skobeeva and IDO.

Openvizor is grateful for the wonderful support and advice of artist Mustafa Pancar

All rights reserved. Any distribution, publication, exhibition and presentation of film and photography documentation are strictly prohibited and subject to prior written approval for each instance by Mimar Sinan University, Natalia Skobeeva and Openvizor.

Mimar Sinan University

Project Leadership
Assoc. Prof. Nihal Kafali
Dr. Erdal Kara
Ezgi Sandikci

Project Advisor
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sema Ergönül

Participating Artists

Lead Artist: Natalia Skobeeva
Assistant: Bex Singleton

Mimar Sinan University Students
Oğuzhan Koç
Görkem Dikel
Ayhan Işık
Rafet Diker
Pinar Yilmaz
Damla Yücebaş
Armando Gutiérrez

Ayhan Hacıfazlıoğlu
Sinan Güldal
Erhan Can Akbulut
Tankut Topuklular
Esra Pöge
Orçun Basturk
Coşkun Aşar

Mimar Sinan University Student: Photography: Ahmet Bilgiç

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