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Let the Elements Sing and Dance is a powerful stage show about survival against all odds in a place of exile. It is an autobiographical story of a nomadic character who traces the elements of his experience through the cultural codes of three continents. It is a beautiful theatrical rendition of symbolism told through music, movement and film as we are immersed into an evolutionary experience of sonics, imagery and the word.

Tunde Jegede: Composer/Musician
Bode Lawal: Choreographer/Dancer
Sunara Begum: Visual Artist

Tunde Jegede Composer/Musician
Tunde Jegede is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who is uniquely placed between the worlds of Contemporary Classical, African and Pop music. He is a prolific Producer/Song writer and has worked across several genres as a performer (Cello, Kora, Piano and Percussion), composer and producer. His sister is Sona Jobarteh, who is the first female kora virtuosos to come from a Griot family. His father is Nigerian artist Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede.

Bode Lawal Choreographer/Dancer
Bode Lawal is hailed as one of the finest exponents of creative African dance now working in Britain. He studied dance, choreography and drama before being invited to join the Nigerian national dance troupe with whom he toured internationally. In 1985 Bode moved to Britain to form Sakoba (meaning new dawn), to celebrate the rich traditions of African dance and music.

Sunara Begum Visual Artist

Sunara Begum is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work is perfectly placed between East and West. She uses the worlds of Film, Theatre, Photography and Text to heighten people's experience of the arts and her work seeks to draw out answers from the past to address the present. Sunara’s practice includes creating workshops, art and documentary films in Bangladesh, India, Mali and Kenya.

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