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Faith in the City: Michel Abboud, SOMA: Park51 Community Centre, NYC

Michel Abboud, architect, Principal of SOMA; architectural consultants for the Park51 Islamic Cultural Centre in New York City, US.


SOMA has been the vanguard of New York City architecture since its 2003 inception. Mexico City and Beirut subsidiaries subsequently opened in 2006 and 2009 respectively and ensured around the clock success of projects of all scales. An international amalgamation of a young and highly developed workforce spanning 13 nationalities and led by the Principal Michel Abboud allows for the ease of execution of creative and complex programs within complex sites, globally.

SOMA’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge architectural practice has imbued it with an enviable track record for delivering projects of the highest architectural excellence that combine innovative design, craft, and environmental responsibility. SOMA constantly attempts to extend the boundaries of architectural design, while also introducing the newest digital technologies and in doing so invariable succeeds, which its projects such as the ultra high-end Park51 Community Center in New York stand testament.


Faith In The City: The Mosque in the Contemporary Urban West (10-11 November 2010)

Keynote lecture and day of debate on 10-11 November 2011, as forum for discussion of ideas and case studies of recent mosque and faith building design from across Europe, alongside a close investigation into historic precedents for the integration of minorities within the urban context and a suggestion of possible progressive future scenarios.

An exploration of the current contemporary moment and a platform for discussion of alternative ways in which architecture can give form to faith and aid in navigating the dynamics between organisations, communities and their neighbours; private practice and the public co


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