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Faith in the City: Ali Mangera: MYAA Architects

Ali Mangera, architect and co-founder, Mangera Yvars Architects (London/Barcelona); architects of the experimental, un-built and highly contested Abbey Mills Mosque, originally due to be located near the East London's Olympic site; The North London Cultural Centre, North Harrow (planning permission October 2011) and The Qatar University (on-site development from Winter 2011)

Mangera Yvars Architects

Mangera Yvars Architects is an architectural design studio established in 2001 by Ali Mangera and Ada Yvars Bravo. We are based in Barcelona and London with affiliate offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha.

Our view of architecture is drawn from our overwhelming interest in urbanity. By this we mean what is the impact of architecture beyond the specific question of ‘the building’. Our approach is through the idea of architecture as landscape through which we address the key issues of our day -issues such as the changing way we live and work, our requirements for housing, our desire for better urban space and our absolute need for sustainable cities.

Our idea of landscape refers as much to terrain and topography as it does to demographic, social and cultural landscapes, or urban phenomenon such as congestion, movement and temporality or tactile landscape such as texture and sensation. In this respect, we are a highly motivated practice and wish to develop an architecture which is both desirable and achievable but which contributes to a wider humanistic view of our world. Our theoretical position is continuously evolving through commissions and design competitions where we have won many awards. Our recent practice awards include Young Architect of the Year 2003, 2006, 2007 [Runner Up], Triennale de L'Ebre 2004 [Winner] and 40 under 40 sponsored by the Architectural Journal, Corus and exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Our projects and ongoing work range from Masterplanning and Regeneration to the d


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