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Faith in the City: Lukas Feireiss: Amazing Grace

Lukas Feireiss: Amazing Grace - On the Religious Building as Bearer of Meaning in the 21st Century

Sacred buildings, more than any other type of construction, are essentially about ideas. It seems as though the sacred space, the abundance of ideas it contains and illustrates, sets it apart from the secular environment. The function of the sacred space is to materialise an abstract spiritual principle through the interplay of form and content. In this process, the building itself becomes the bearer of meaning. Over and beyond its metrical demarcation, the sacred space contains a narrative spatial value per se that cannot be accessed at first glance. Against this backdrop, the talk offers an entertaining overview of recently built religious architectures of all faiths and denominations from around the world, and questions their appellative callings.

Lukas Feireiss, curator, writer, artist and editor, Studio Lukas Feireiss (Berlin). Editor of Closer To God: Religious Architecture and Sacred Spaces and Beyond Architecture: Imaginative Buildings and Fictional Cities

Studio Lukas Feireiss is an interdisciplinary creative practice focused on the discussion and mediation of architecture, art and visual culture in the urban realm run by Lukas Feireiss (*1977). In his artistic, curatorial, editorial and consultive work he aims at the critical cut-up and playful re-evaluation of creative and spatial production modes and their diverse socio-cultural and medial conditions. Lukas Feireiss teaches at various universities worldwide and currently holds a professorship for space&designstrategies at the University of Arts Linz, Austria. He is also the editor and author of numerous books for various international publishers. He attained his graduate education in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethnology, where he specialized in the dynamic relationship between architecture and other field


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