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Alison Rooke - Urban Encounters

Alison Rooke (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Alison Rooke is a visual sociologist based in the Sociology department at Goldsmiths, University of London. Alison’s teaching and research interests span issues such as visual methodologies, citizenship, visibility, embodiment and belonging in urban settings.

The possibilities on multi-modal methodologies and art-based practice is central to Alison’s research. She has conducted on a variety of participative visual research projects including Sci:dentity: a project which worked with young transgendered people exploring the science of sex and gender through creative practices, and Signs of the City, a European arts project which employs photography and web2 technology to investigate young peoples right to the city. Alison has also has conducted evaluative research concerned with socio-cultural impact of creativity (with TrinityLaban) and the social dimensions of arts based interventions (with The Serpentine Gallery).

Urban Encounters: Photography and The Practice of Walking

Photography and The Practice of Walking
An Urban Encounters event
3rd June 2010, 2pm-5pm
Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross Gate, London SE14 6NW

Walking through the city allows a particularly unique type of engagement with the urban space and permits one to experience the city at its most personal level. Traversing the city is crucial to creating its space. This event will explore how photographers combine their photographic practice with the engagement of moving through the city.



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