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David Kendall, 'Always Let the Road Decide' 2008 - ongoing

Dubai contains new architectural sites and tourist attractions designed (or being designed) to direct visitors on visual journeys. Many locations are made visible by highways. Walking is discouraged; roads become walls, boundaries, and lines to be navigated-alienating pedestrians.

These photographs taken from the series, 'Always Let the Road Decide' explore how migrant construction workers who have limited social rights of use in the city independently access these busy networks.

Climbing onto the road allows participants to dictate the pace of their collective movements and create informal meeting points or spaces within a hostile environmental climate-cityscape. Establishing unique social-spatial imprints that challenge the city-states architectural ambitions.

These images form part of a body of photographic work that considers how leisure spaces are visually represented in this city; everyday-unregulated activities and micro spatial practices that take place during workers limited leisure time in or around the built environment.

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