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Ara’s Sojourn

Dir: Sunara Begum / 2009 / UK / 7 mins / 16mm Colour

‘Moving without Travelling’

Ara’s Sojourn is an intimate personal reflection on Ara, a fictional character who explores her journey through dance, visuals and texts of memory from her past. She emerges and recedes through various locations of an urban city searching for her inner voice through movement. She seeks a place of belonging, the illusive place that is home. We begin to see her quest for freedom of expression in a world where she feels she does not belong.

Directed by Sunara Begum
Producer by Andrew Ward
Director of photography: Simon Minett
Editor: Sunara Begum
Sound: Steve Lowe
Music: Tunde egede
Starring Shahanara Begum as ‘Ara’

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